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The Universe Today
A great site... Space Exploration News from Around the Internet

CNN interactive (July 26, 1999)
Asteroid target gets new name. (CNN) -- The target of NASA's Deep Space 1 mission now has a new name: 9969 Braille, after the inventor of the raised-bump language system that enables sightless people to read.

NASA Near-Earth Object Program
Featuring: The Newly Adopted Torino Impact Hazard Scale... Assessing Asteroid And Comet Impact Hazard Predictions In The 21st Century.

News and Events

University of Iowa
About small comets!

The Barringer Meteorite Crater
Includes history, adventure, a quiz and more!

Australian Spaceguard Survey
Impact hazard statistics, status of asteroid searches in Australia, tsunami from asteroid impacts.

Space Careers
Provides an extensive collection of links to the major players in the space industry, and to useful job search resources on the web. It's the ultimate resource for employment in the space industry.


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